Welcome to Because it’s Good.

This is my collection of “can’t forget” recipes. Why cook at home and try new things? Because it’s good to learn, eat, and share with those you love.

As a side note, I like to use readily-available, whole food ingredients. I like to eat less refined grains, more vegetables, and when I can, I try to avoid pre-processed foods.

I started cooking at home a year out of college (first time around), and realized I was really bad at it. Once I got my hands on a few basic cook books, I realized I just needed to learn how to do it. So I dove in.

Since those first wavering and nerve-racking attempts ten years ago, I’ve had the pleasure of working in professional kitchens alongside very talented chefs. In addition (and maybe more importantly), I’ve become aware and mindful of how my friends and family cook around me. If it’s good and you’ve had a fun time making it, I think that’s what really matters.

Happy cooking.