Fried Chicken Tenders with Mash and Green Beans

This meal is an adaptation from an old family favorite. My Oma makes a lovely Fried Chicken meal, and it's something that's so comforting and satisfying. She always does the chicken first on the stove top, and then finishes it in the oven. She likes to serve it with mashed potatoes and green beans.


Green Curry with Chicken, Bell Pepper, and Potato

School is now in session. I have one more year with a hanging-on semester. I like to think of it like that so that it doesn't seem too far out. But who am I kidding? It really does seem like a far distance away. I am eager to just jump into work full time since I am in love with my new job. School seems so pale in comparison. I've also been really lucky lately with the people around me. They're my role models of sorts, and asking for their advice, or getting a book recommendation from them, seems so much more beneficial than a classroom setting.