Himalayan Salt, Olives, Rosemary, and Garlic Sourdough

I hadn't made bread in awhile and wanted to replenish my sourdough starter... so this is what happened. So what's in the loaf: naturally fermented sourdough starter, Mediterranean olives, fresh rosemary, garlic, and Himalayan Pink Salt. I've really been into Himalayan Pink Salt lately, so many benefits from adding minerals we're lacking in our diet to helping regulate hormones (potentially research this on your own).


Sourdough Series: Dutch Oven

Sourdough has been quite the journey for me. I won't go into too much detail with my sourdough history as you may have already read the initial post on this. I have to mention though that this particular sourdough has been my favorite in terms of appearance, mentioning that the exterior and interior texture were quite nice too. The reason I loved this particular loaf was because it puffed beautifully, I loved the natural crack down the middle, the deep color was gorgeous, and it was crunchy on the outside but moist on the inside!